Big Fridays 2017

In the first two Big Fridays we have been humbled to see God work through our small efforts to change hearts.

The last two Fridays have been some of our biggest Fridays in Christ Church Youth history.

The first Friday started off with a huge turnout of 218 people, including 31 new people; filling up the pews and raising the volume of worship. We played a game full of slime and 80s movie trivia, were led in prayer by the Year 12s around the issue of rural mental health and were introduced to our guest speaker and local missions pastor, Elliot. He spoke about our common fear of people’s judgement and how love can be scary in the context of vulnerability. He challenged us to be vulnerable and real with God, concluding with the question, “are you open to God’s love for you?” Praise be to God, 50 people said that they wanted to know more about God’s love.

Friday number two was even bigger with 230 people, 36 of whom were new, filling up even more seats and increasing the energy of the night. The E.T. bike race around the auditorium had everyone on the edge of their pews and the music had everyone on their feet. The Year 8s guided us in prayer for displaced peoples and people seeking refuge. Elliot spoke this time not about the scariness of people but of the scariness of God and his anger for his children who have turned to their own way. He gave a hard word, but also one of healing with the concrete hope that Jesus’ death means that God’s anger has been justly dealt with and provides restoration of our relationship with Him.

God delighted to bring 15 new brothers and sisters into His kingdom that night and 32 people said they wanted to explore Jesus more.

These two weeks have been big because we have a big God who can do big things. Would you pray with us that our third and final Friday would be the biggest yet?

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